Keep a hold of your dreams no matter how ridiculous and far-fetched it maybe.

It keeps you young, optimistic and enthusiastic.

But don’t keep your head in the clouds for too long.

You wouldn’t want to crash down to reality faster than the speed of light.

Keep dreaming… But know when and how you’ll go back down and face reality.


UP LAE General Information:

Which is not a cocktail?
a. Mai Tai
b. Orgasm
c. Grenadine
d. Long Island Ice Tea

Me: C. I know my alcohol.

Which is not a dessert?
a. Tiramisu
b. Pinot Noir
c. Creme Brulee
d. Black Forest.

Me: B. Please… I know my alcohol. I know my desserts.

2 questions, OWNED. HAHAHA

Sometimes, THOUGHTS are so hard to organize.

Now that our midterms are over, I finally have time to re-organize my thoughts.

My brain feels like a messy attic filled with ideas, thoughts, plans, random moments and memories –  it is so hard to pull out a single idea and focus.

Pure chaos.

I have a lot of cleaning up to do.

If only our brain had a disk cleanup installed, a large storage capacity and an external hard drive so we can organize, delete, hide or save ideas or memories we would like to ponder, forget or cherish and access someday…

After my admissions interview last Monday, I tried not to think about it too much to avoid any disappointment.

But when I got the call from them on Wednesday saying they already have the result and they’ll give it to me on Friday, I was a bit rattled.


This afternoon I got a call from Hult and…

I got accepted to the Boston campus for September 2012!



There are nights when I feel really tired and ready to go sleep then hope to get up early for school the next day.

I lay my head on my pillow, get under my sheets and just before I close my eyes, I read a book.

I tell myself “Just a few pages or perhaps a chapter, then I’ll get some rest”. But half way through, I could not stop myself from continuing to the next page, eager to find out what happens next.

“Just one more chapter”….but after a few more flips of entertaining pages, one glimpse on my cellphones’ clock and it’s 5 o’clock in the morning and I’ve already finished the book.

That scenario happens so often, I feel awful for neglecting sleep and spending so much time on a book that isn’t even a part of my course requirement.

Putting down a good book is really hard to do.

Reading, it’s like an addiction. Really.

Definitely there are others like me, bad visioned and an insomniac  because of reading.

Too much reading.