There are nights when I feel really tired and ready to go sleep then hope to get up early for school the next day.

I lay my head on my pillow, get under my sheets and just before I close my eyes, I read a book.

I tell myself “Just a few pages or perhaps a chapter, then I’ll get some rest”. But half way through, I could not stop myself from continuing to the next page, eager to find out what happens next.

“Just one more chapter”….but after a few more flips of entertaining pages, one glimpse on my cellphones’ clock and it’s 5 o’clock in the morning and I’ve already finished the book.

That scenario happens so often, I feel awful for neglecting sleep and spending so much time on a book that isn’t even a part of my course requirement.

Putting down a good book is really hard to do.

Reading, it’s like an addiction. Really.

Definitely there are others like me, bad visioned and an insomniac  because of reading.

Too much reading.


I love the Think Geek website. (

I have browsed through their website for years but I still haven’t purchased a single item. My wish list on my Think Geek account has more than 50 items and it keeps growing.

I made this list for those of you who haven’t bought a gift for that geeky/nerdy friend, loved one, office mate, classmate, or relative of yours.

I’ve skipped items which may be too expensive for a gift and t-shirts and plush toys. This list contains items which are useful and/or unique and all under $50 found on the Think Geek website.

1. For The Big Bang Theory Fan: Periodic Table Shower Curtain $29.99

This reminds me of the first episode of The Big Bang Theory where  Leonard and Sheldon invites Penny to their apartment and Penny takes a shower in their bathroom

Periodic Table Shower Curtain $29.99


2. For the techie who has an Ipad: Etch A Sketch Ipad Case $39.99

Brings back childhood memories and camouflage the iPad as a toy.

Etch A Sketch Ipad Case $39.99


3. For Beer Drinkers: Periodic Beer Glass $8.99

Drink your beer in this to show your inner nerd.

Periodic Beer Glass $8.99


4. For the Star Wars Fan: USB Lightsaber Lamp $25.99

Since buying the life-size lightsaber is too expensive, this smaller lightsaber lamp would still tickle your friend’s love for Star Wars.

USB Star Wars Lightsaber Lamp $25.99


5. For Bruce Wayne/ the Batman Fan: Batman Cuff Links $49.99

A true Batman fan will be proud to wear this.

Batman Cuff Links $49.99


 6. For the Bookworm: Book of Secrets $4.99

It contains, well, secrets.

Book of Secrets $4.99


7. For the Bacon/Hot Sauce Loving Foodie: Bacon Hot Sauce $7.99

You love bacon? +

You love hot sauce?

= Bacon Hot Sauce!

Bacon Flavored Hot Sauce $7.99


8. For the Prankster: Phantom Keystroker V2 $9.99

Because messing with other people is what they love to do.


Phantom Keystroker V2 $9.99


9. For the “Preparing for a Zombie Apocalypse: Zombie Survival Guide $11.99

For your friend who watches too much Zombie movies or plays too much Left for Dead.

The Zombie Survival Guide $11.99


10. For the Garden Enthusiast/Biology Major: Desktop Carnivorous Plant Set $24.99

Because regular plants are too mainstream.

Desktop Carnivorous Plant Set $24.99