Our family had our share of numerous pets since I was a kid.

We had 2 Dobermans, Rocky and Chiny (RIP), a rottweiler named Barbie (RIP), 2 Maltese Poodles Bam-Bam and Bubbles (RIP), a hush puppy, Kosme (adopted), an aquarium filled with fishes and a crab (RIP) and 2 Teddy Bear Hamsters (RIP) (where the girl hamster ate the boy hamster’s head while we were playing a game of tong-its).

Up until Pixel’s death and Bonjay’s “adoption”, we had 4 pets in our Tarlac home – A Flowerhorn fish named Pixel, a mini pinscher named Bonjay, another Doberman named Bugoy and our very lovable Lhasa Apso, Bruce.

We all love our pets equally and we consider them a part of our family.

But Bruce has a special place in my heart. He reminds me of Bam-Bam. We have this special bond, Bruce and I.

He stays up late with me, watches me watch a sitcom, watches me study, watches me pee, follows me every where, waits for me to wake up or sometimes wakes me up by licking my face. He does that when I’m not awake by 1pm. 

When I come home, he becomes so excited he pees. Hahaha

Most of the time he’ll rub his face against me to show that he missed me.

And although no one would admit it, but I know, Bruce only listens to me.

If all of us calls Bruce at the same time, Bruce will approach me and when he does, no matter how much they call him Bruce wouldn’t leave my side. 🙂

The relationship of a girl and her dog is like no other.

Once, Bruce and I stayed up all night. Since it was already breakfast, I cooked spam and a sunny side up egg. As I sat down and started to eat, Bruce looked up to me with his “unbelievably hard to resist eyes”. I knew what he wanted – Spam. I gave him 1/2 of mine, but then he gobbled it up and looked at me again. I gave him the other half since I had another one left. But then he looked up to me again. Although I was so hungry that morning, I gave him all the Spam I cooked.

Another instance was when he walked over my laptop causing it to shutdown while I was doing a very important paper. But I couldn’t even get mad.

That’s unconditional love. 🙂

Baby Bruce

Baby Bruce

Baby Bruce

Bruce and a pink balloon



I don’t know much about clothes, make-up or anything related to fashion for that matter.

My Mom buys MOST of my clothes. (Perhaps the only thing I’ve bought for myself in my closet are my the Flash and Batman t-shirts)

So when we were required to attend our Legal Management Congress and Ball at SMX Convention Center, a formal event – dress code was long gown, I panicked.

I had such a hard time choosing a dress. I don’t know what dress style should I wear, what color looks best on me, what accessories, make-up, or shoes that would match the dress I would buy.

A day before the ball and I still didn’t have a dress.

I’ve tried on dresses but I couldn’t choose for myself.

I’ve sent pictures of myself in some dresses and asked my parents what should I buy.

I called up my Dad. This was how our conversation went:

Me: “Yung blue dress bagay ba sakin?” *clueless* (Does the blue dress look good on me?)

Dad: “Oo”. (Yes)

Me: “Eh kung yun bibilin ko, ano naman dapat yung shoes na susuotin ko?” (If I buy the blue dress, what shoes should I wear?)
Dad: *long pause* “Aba ewan ko, di naman ako nagsusuot ng ganun pano ko malalaman. Tanong mo si Mom mo.” (I don’t know. I don’t wear (high-heeled) shoes, how should I know. Ask your Mom.)

I forgot I was talking to my Dad. Hahaha 😀

P.S. I ended up buying a red dress. Hahaha

How about you? What’s the weirdest thing you’ve asked your Dad?

Me eating a crepe

Me eating a shawarma

Me cleaning up the shawarma sauce that I accidentally spilled on my dress

Kat and I. (I'm trying to show my muscles)

Kat, Khey, Pat and I

‘Nuff said.