Sango! The Burger Master @ Tomas Morato

I often go to Tomas Morato to eat. With several restaurants just next to each other, it is not hard to find a great one.

I finally decided to try this Japanese burger restaurant, Sango. I sat down in one of the booths with a collection of Naruto and One Piece manga.

Naruto and One Piece Manga Collection

I asked the waitress if it was okay to read them and of course she said yes.

I took one out and scanned a few pages only to find out that it is in Japanese.

I don’t know if she was trolling me or she thought I knew how to read Japanese or what.

Anyway, their menu consisted mostly of burgers and sandwiches and probably a few rice meals. You can choose from sumo sized burgers, regular burgers and even rice burgers. Soooooooo.. I ordered the Beef Yakiniku Rice Burger and chose a Japanese salad on the side instead of fries (yes you can choose to have fries or a salad as a side)

This reminded me of the rice burger offered by McDonald’s in the past and this other rice burger at Mercato but THIS rice burger was different. Why?

I carefully picked it up, opened the cover and in an instant the delicious beefy aroma escaped the crisp white wrapper. The smell was heavenly.

That first bite, with the beef and sticky rice swirling in my mouth was delightful.

With just sticky rice, a leaf of lettuce, japanese mayonnaise and the tastiest beef yakiniku slices I have ever tasted – that single burger ousted any other rice burger I have ever tasted.

If you get a chance to pass by Tomas Morato, don’t hesitate to try Sango’s burgers.

I’ll try a sumo burger next time 🙂


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