Hult International Business School

Second Semester 2010

It all started with my account at the GMAT website. I made an account only for future plans of taking an MBA and checking out what schools are out there. I entered personal details, school preferences etc.

January 28, 2011 – One Friday afternoon, I was lounging in my bathrobe after a bath and talking with my cousin Jeng in our unit at Casa De Aviles when I received a call from an unknown number. I hesitated to answer since it seemed like it was an international call but I wasn’t expecting a call from anyone outside the Philippines.

Then I pressed answer.

He said his name was Frankie and that they found my contact details in GMAT website. He was asking about my plans for an MBA and was talking about Hult International Business School. At the time, I haven’t heard of Hult and a part of me thought they might have the wrong number. But he knew my name and was asking me specific questions about when I was planning to take an MBA . I tried to answer all his questions but since I was really undecided at that time because I was only 3rd year college with no definite plans yet, my answers were vague and unsure. Our conversation ended with him saying that I should check my email and invited me to apply in Hult. I checked my email, and sure enough it contained details of all the things I needed to know about Hult – it wasn’t a prank call.

I researched a bit about Hult but I didn’t really give it enough thought. I was only reminded of it when my parents received the brochure they sent our house in Tarlac. But then again, I didn’t really apply for anything or filled up an application form. I was only considering it.

Fast forward to 2011 semestral break. October 21, 2011. – I received a call from Louie from Hult, asking me if I am available for an interview the next day and suggested I apply for a master in international business instead of an MBA. I was in Tarlac and the interview was at Makati Shangri-La Hotel but I said yes nonetheless. Unfortunately, there was a family emergency the day of the interview so I had to cancel.

I thought that would’ve been the last time I’ll hear about Hult.


October 26,2011 – The San Beda Red Lions won against the San Sebastian Golden Stags for the championship title. Keno, Arnold, Rob, their other batch mates and I were at COAL for some drinks, waiting for Grace to come when my phone rang and I saw another international number. I answered.

Her name is Lauren and she was a Hult’s associate admissions director.

I panicked. I realized I was at the wrong place for a call like this. I told her that I’ll look for a quiet place. I did and we continued with our conversation. The call was longer that the other calls I’ve received. We were discussing actual details for my application. I was asked to prepare my CV, recommendation letters, personal statement, application form, payment etc.

I paid on October 30, the first round of application submission but my application wasn’t finished.

So from the month of November, I was furnishing my requirements, receiving calls from Lauren, editing my CV, attending the QS World MBA Tour, attended Hult’s 360 degree infosession: how to be the ideal candidate, had a face to face interview with Lauren and til’ recently attended the Hult Sample Master Class. But during those times I couldn’t successfully write my Personal Statement.

I knew I was procrastinating my personal statement because I was afraid I couldn’t make a good enough essay. Plus, I had too many ideas in my head that I could organize them to put on paper.

I didn’t want to write it because I was afraid that I might not write a good essay. But come December, I started answering the questions for my personal statement. I saved it. But I didn’t send it yet.

After soul-searching and re-assessing my personality and goals, I have come to terms with myself and was able to write a new essay. But I didn’t want to read it again. I was afraid that I would be disappointed by my work.  Instead, I sent it to Lauren, Grace and a few other friends to read it and asked for their opinions. I was relieved. My essay wasn’t horrible.

I gathered all my other requirements, emailed them to Lauren and now we are just waiting for my referees to send my recommendation letter.

The weird thing about me is that I already convinced myself that I wouldn’t get in – so that the pain of failing would be less if I really don’t get in. I don’t really now how it feels like to fail – this is how I deal.  BUT, I’m working on my issues and as this application progresses I’m learning more about myself and discovering how can I deal with it.

More on this as it unfolds…

The Interview



  1. Victor said:

    Very great post. I simply stumbled upon your weblog and wished to mention that I’ve truly enjoyed surfing around your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write once more very soon!

  2. Did you ever end up applying to Hult? If so, what was the result? I’m currently in the process of writing my own personal statement as well. 🙂

    • Yes I got accepted. Although, I haven’t confirmed my seat yet for the Boston campus.

      • g2-b4a74cf22a4db3aa213fd5387f9185f3 said:

        Congrats! I just read your follow-up entries just now; didn’t see them the first time. Did you apply for any scholarships or bursaries?

  3. Thank you! I did apply for a scholarship and luckily I was able to get one. 🙂 If you have other questions about it feel free to send me an email at 🙂

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