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Let’s help our fellow Filipinos in Ilagan and CDO!

To: Red Cross Youth-San Beda Chapter/ Bedan Volunteers-SBC Manila
From: Manila CYC and RCY-Manila Chapter

Two simple ways we can help them:

1. Using your Facebook account: 7-Eleven Philippines will donate P10 per new LIKE on their fanpage up to 1M, on behalf of their fans. (Just type in “7-Eleven Philippines” or click enter this link

2. Using your mobile phone/ via SMS Donations:
Text RED<space>AMOUNT to 2899-Globe or 4143-Smart.


I love the Think Geek website. (

I have browsed through their website for years but I still haven’t purchased a single item. My wish list on my Think Geek account has more than 50 items and it keeps growing.

I made this list for those of you who haven’t bought a gift for that geeky/nerdy friend, loved one, office mate, classmate, or relative of yours.

I’ve skipped items which may be too expensive for a gift and t-shirts and plush toys. This list contains items which are useful and/or unique and all under $50 found on the Think Geek website.

1. For The Big Bang Theory Fan: Periodic Table Shower Curtain $29.99

This reminds me of the first episode of The Big Bang Theory where  Leonard and Sheldon invites Penny to their apartment and Penny takes a shower in their bathroom

Periodic Table Shower Curtain $29.99


2. For the techie who has an Ipad: Etch A Sketch Ipad Case $39.99

Brings back childhood memories and camouflage the iPad as a toy.

Etch A Sketch Ipad Case $39.99


3. For Beer Drinkers: Periodic Beer Glass $8.99

Drink your beer in this to show your inner nerd.

Periodic Beer Glass $8.99


4. For the Star Wars Fan: USB Lightsaber Lamp $25.99

Since buying the life-size lightsaber is too expensive, this smaller lightsaber lamp would still tickle your friend’s love for Star Wars.

USB Star Wars Lightsaber Lamp $25.99


5. For Bruce Wayne/ the Batman Fan: Batman Cuff Links $49.99

A true Batman fan will be proud to wear this.

Batman Cuff Links $49.99


 6. For the Bookworm: Book of Secrets $4.99

It contains, well, secrets.

Book of Secrets $4.99


7. For the Bacon/Hot Sauce Loving Foodie: Bacon Hot Sauce $7.99

You love bacon? +

You love hot sauce?

= Bacon Hot Sauce!

Bacon Flavored Hot Sauce $7.99


8. For the Prankster: Phantom Keystroker V2 $9.99

Because messing with other people is what they love to do.


Phantom Keystroker V2 $9.99


9. For the “Preparing for a Zombie Apocalypse: Zombie Survival Guide $11.99

For your friend who watches too much Zombie movies or plays too much Left for Dead.

The Zombie Survival Guide $11.99


10. For the Garden Enthusiast/Biology Major: Desktop Carnivorous Plant Set $24.99

Because regular plants are too mainstream.

Desktop Carnivorous Plant Set $24.99

For my twen-teenth birthday (yes, twenteenth), Grace, Arnold and I had dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, Tender Bobs.

They surprised me by bringing me this delicious blueberry cheesecake from Conti’s with a spiral birthday candle which I find very cool. It even has this small battery operated music player to the tune of happy birthday.

Conti's Blueberry Cheesecake


For dinner I had a Porterhouse Steak, Angus rice, herb butter sauce and Tender Bobs signature side dish the BOMB.

Porterhouse Steak, Herb Butter sauce and Angus rice


 I’m not sure why it’s called “bomb” but I guess it’s because it will make your heart explode if you have too much. (just kidding) 😀



It was a simple, fuss-free birthday party. 🙂

This duo is comparable to Starbucks’  Banoffee Pie and White Hot Chocolate.

But this one is better because:

– the white-hot chocolate tea is mild but tasty while Starbucks’ is too sweet and has an odd after taste. Plus tea is healthier.

– the banoffee pie of thousand teas’ oozes with the caramel filling that is neither too sweet nor sticky.


Thousand Teas White Hot Chocolate Tea and Banoffee Pie