Jack’s Loft

Jack’s Loft at IL Terrazzo , Tomas Morato, Q.C.

Is it Terrazzo or Terrazo?


Dinner night with the girls.

I wasn’t familiar with the food at Jack’s Loft so I decided to read the menu thoroughly, reading each food description carefully.

I chose a house specialty. I forgot the exact words on the menu but it was something like “Chicken Breast covered in creamy white sauce and mashed potato“.

Honestly, the dish tasted great. The chicken was soft and moist, the sauce was a perfect mix of cheesy, milky, and tasty and although I prefer my mashed potato a bit chunky, their creamy smooth version was one of the best I ever tasted.

However, the serving was not enough for my appetite.

Chicken in white sauce and mashed potato

I also had a white chocolate chip cookie or was it vanilla?  It smelled and tasted great but it was hard and crumbly. I prefer my cookies soft and moist. 

Main dish and the White Chocolate or Vanilla Cookie. haha

We decided to split the “fishbowl” Iced Tea among ourselves. The iced tea was in a big ass fishbowl shaped pitcher (excuse me for my language but it really was) which was just about enough for four.

Iced Tea in "Big Ass Fishbowl"

PS: The fishbowl and my friend Pat. 🙂

But the best about Jack’s Loft in Il Terrazzo was the service.

Two of my friends talked about sharing an order of the pumpkin soup and eventually ordered one. When the order came, the waitress brought 2 soup bowls. We told her that we just ordered one but she explained that she already asked the people in the kitchen to split one order of soup into two bowls.

It was a simple task but what was worthy to commend was the waitress’ initiative and she was considerate enough to meet the needs and wants of her customers. 🙂

Good eat and good service.

that deserves a 10/10. 🙂


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