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(This is based on my personal experience and my application for a Master in International Business for Hult.)

School hunting is an arduous task.

First there is the SEARCH.

You can either google schools that come to mind or MAKE A GMAT ACCOUNT.

I got the idea of creating a GMAT account from a friend who applied to a Singapore based business school. The GMAT is one of the requirements of business schools but the GMAT website also provides a number of services that you can avail for free if you have an account. One of these is the search engine tailored to filter your preferences for a business school. So if you’d prefer a Master or MBA in a certain region with a specified program or a joint degree, you can easily filter the hundreds of schools to those who provides programs suitable to your preference.

Next is the INQUIRY.

Since schools try their best to differentiate themselves, they create different standards, requirements, program specifics and duration or even specialized courses to be more appealing to prospective students. The trick is to ask the exact details of their programs so you can find out if they can meet your education preference. Get to know as much details like will a professor teach you or just the teaching assistant, are there scholarships, is the campus culturally diverse and the like so you’ll know where you’ll fit in.

Then there is the Online APPLICATION.

Every school has a different application process. Some need only an online application form and a good GMAT score, while some need the whole enchilada – transcript, recommendation letters, application form, TOEFL, GMAT, and a personal statement. For Hult I only needed a personal statement, a CV, recommendation letters and a completed application form since I was only applying for an MIB which didn’t require work experience or a GMAT score.

Then you’ll be INTERVIEWED.

The first few calls would just be a “getting to know you” kind of interview. These are short and casual interviews for prospective applicants. I received a lot of calls from Hult Admissions which made me more comfortable and made the application process easier. I also appreciated  the efforts they put in to get to know the candidates.

If you complete all the requirements you’ll be scheduled for a FINAL INTERVIEW.

I haven’t had mine yet. More on this as it unfolds…


A few months ago, I received an invitation to the QS World MBA Tour in Manila. I had no idea what was it really about but I registered anyway. A bit of research gave me the general idea that it’s like a job fair except it’s for MBA/Graduate schools and not jobs.

I invited my friend Grace to the event and sure enough she did come with me.

The event was at The Peninsula Manila.

The tour started with a panel discussion composed of Admissions Directors from universities such as Rice, Suffolk, Sydney Business School and UBC Sauder. They discussed MBA admissions: Do’s and Don’ts. They all gave pretty good advice but I specifically remembered one from the Dean of Suffolk University (whose name I couldn’t remember) that really made an impact, she said “Don’t sell yourself short”. 

So when applying for a job, to a school or whatever it is you’re applying for, don’t sell yourself short. You are the product and you should know how to sell yourself.

Other universities such as INSEAD, HULT, Nanyang, IESE etc were represented at the fair. I already have a pending application with HULT so I looked for their booth and saw Lauren. She already interviewed me through phone but it was really nice getting to see her in person.

Grace and I went around the room to check out other schools. There were at least 24 schools that night and we went at each booth. We got their brochures, calling cards and asked a few questions to the admission directors when we got the chance.

At the Suffolk’s booth, we were surprised to see the Dean alone in the table with no brochures. All she had was a couple of calling cards, a sign up sheet and one brochure she was writing on. Turns out a lot of people took her brochures. It wasn’t a mystery why people went to her booth. She was warm and answered all questions clearly and directly.

A crowd started to form around her table as we listened to her explain the procedures and scholarship opportunities available at their school.

So after all the talking and the writing and the going around, standing in high heels, Grace and I left for dinner.

It was an exhilarating experience. It was really a great opportunity to see and meet admission directors from schools and start choosing which school do you see yourself in.

Grace and I went home will a dozen of school brochures, pamphlets and calling cards but only one thing was going through our minds, one thing we were both hoping for – a great future ahead of us.

I have my eyes on Hult.

That means…

I already have the answer

I’m satisfied with your answer

I’m no longer interested with your answer

I have formulated an answer possibly identical to your answer

I have already assumed that the answer is something I cannot or should not know

If the answer is something I cannot or should not know I am going to ask why.

But trust me…

I always ask why.

When you think you’re right, think again.

When you think everything is okay, think again.

When you think its enough, think again.

When you think you’ve thought of it enough, think again.

When you’ve thought of it too much…

*brain malfunctions*