Green Tea Mochi Ice Cream

I first stumbled upon Mochi ice cream when I was with my family while walking around Marquee Mall in Pampanga. We stopped near a Fruit In Ice Cream stand to buy ice cream for my little brother Dylan when I saw 2 mochi balls just at the side of the ice cream containers. Curious, I decided to buy one – a strawberry flavored mochi ice cream. I took a bite and another and another. It was probably the best thing they’ve done to ice cream after Dippin’ Dots.

I wasn’t satisfied with just one mochi ice cream. I came back and bought a mango flavored mochi. I wasn’t a fan of mango flavored ice cream but it was delightful. After finishing that one, I went back to buy another one but sadly, I’ve learned it was their last one.

Since then, when I see a FIC stand in malls or foodcourts, I stop to ask if they have mochi ice cream.

One Saturday night at Eastwood Mall, I was walking with a friend when I saw a Mochiko stand in a corner. I rushed and bought a green tea flavored mochi ice cream. Just writing about it makes me crave for it! I got to have some mochi ice cream soon! 🙂

Mochiko's Green Tea Mochi Ice Cream


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