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I first stumbled upon Mochi ice cream when I was with my family while walking around Marquee Mall in Pampanga. We stopped near a Fruit In Ice Cream stand to buy ice cream for my little brother Dylan when I saw 2 mochi balls just at the side of the ice cream containers. Curious, I decided to buy one – a strawberry flavored mochi ice cream. I took a bite and another and another. It was probably the best thing they’ve done to ice cream after Dippin’ Dots.

I wasn’t satisfied with just one mochi ice cream. I came back and bought a mango flavored mochi. I wasn’t a fan of mango flavored ice cream but it was delightful. After finishing that one, I went back to buy another one but sadly, I’ve learned it was their last one.

Since then, when I see a FIC stand in malls or foodcourts, I stop to ask if they have mochi ice cream.

One Saturday night at Eastwood Mall, I was walking with a friend when I saw a Mochiko stand in a corner. I rushed and bought a green tea flavored mochi ice cream. Just writing about it makes me crave for it! I got to have some mochi ice cream soon! 🙂

Mochiko's Green Tea Mochi Ice Cream


One lazy Saturday, my friend Vincent and I had dinner while waiting for our high school batch mates for drinks.

We were supposed to eat at Stackers Burger Cafe but since there were no seats available we just settled for Johnny Rockets.

I ordered the #12 Hamburger. Why #12? “Cheddar cheese, fresh lettuce, onion slice, pickle, mayonnaise & our tangy “red sauce.” On a scale of one to ten, it’s a twelve!”

True enough it was a 12. Heck, it could even be a 14.

The patty was juicy and the lettuce to patty to onion to bread ratio was perfect.

Our burgers came with a basket of unlimited fries. Instead of the same old ketchup and fries combo, Vincent requested for all the possible dips they had on the house – blue cheese, ranch, Caesar salad dressing, a weird brown sauce, another weird sauce, mustard and of course I had mayonnaise. 😀

The #12 Hamburger

Besides the food, I enjoyed the small jukebox attached to the wall on the side of our table. For just a 1 peso coin, you can choose a song from the song list and it would play in the whole restaurant. It was incredible to see old hits. I couldn’t resist playing out song after song until I ran out of coins.

I want a small jukebox at home! hahaha


After a long walk around Eastwood to build up an appetite…

Ron, Chris and I went to Chuck’s Deli for lunch.

What Ron and Chris had in mind wasn’t exactly to have lunch. They both had one “mission” that day – to Slay The Buffy Slabsandwich in 5 minutes or less and be “immortalized” on Chuck’s Deli’s (actual and virtual) Wall off Fame. (!__chucks-challenge)

I was prudent enough not to try the challenge. (Perhaps next time :D)

After a chat with the waiter, I’ve decided to go with the Reuben – angus corned beef, swiss cheese, sauerkraut, mustard and Chuck’s Deli sauce.

While they were strategizing ways of eating their sandwich, I gazed upon my 1/2 Reuben – curious about what it would taste like.

I wasn’t sure I liked it with just a few bites but halfway through, it hit me – this is a great sandwich.

The beef was tender and the sauerkraut gave a nice sharp  flavor just enough to make your mouth water. 

Reuben 1/2 Slabsandwich

Here’s Ron and Chris just before they “attack” The Buffy.

(Check out how flat their sandwiches are. Apparently, it’s a strategy done by other customers. The waiter was thoughtful enough to advise the same.)

Ron and Chris vs. The Buffy Slabsandwich

So were they able to finish it in less than 5 minutes?

Why don’t you try it yourself and see if you can slay The Buffy. 😀 Good luck!