Singapore-Malaysia Trip!

On our 2011 Singapore trip, Arnold, Grace and I also went to Malaysia for a day.

It was my second time going to Malaysia but I didn’t really get to go around much when my family and I first went there.

So we woke up early to catch the bus to Malaysia. Got dropped off at Kuala Lumpur with no ringgit, no map and no idea where to go first. We wanted to visit  the Petronas Towers but we didn’t exactly know how to get there.

We walked to a telecom museum to find a map. Hopefully there was a free map.

We took the bus and stopped by a mall to eat lunch. We ate at McDonald’s. For a change, I ordered the Grilled Chicken Burger. The chicken didn’t really taste like chicken and that day, they didn’t have any ketchup so we had to dip our fries in hot sauce. It’s definitely weird to dip your fries in hot sauce.

While we were sitting, a group of students suddenly chatted with us and asked if we were Filipino. After a while we learned that one of them was Filipino. Her name was Patricia and she was kind enough to call up her mother to ask for the directions we BADLY needed.

McDonald's Malaysia Grilled Chicken Burger

McDonald's Malaysia French Fries

McDonald's Malaysia GCB

So after eating and getting our SGD changed to Ringgit, we walked to the Menara Tower.

It was awesome, and we were able to try the F1 simulator.

We learned that Petronas was just a few blocks away so we decided to walk. So while we were walking, we passed by this Milkshake Factory.

Milkshake Factory

Milkshake Factory

Milkshake Factory Menu

Milkshake Factory Flavors

Milkshake Factory Flavors

And as the Kinder Bueno Lover that I am, say hello to Kinder Bueno Milkshake!

Kinder Bueno Milkshake

To me it tasted like heaven. I wish someone would open a Milkshake Factory here in the Philippines.

It started raining, so we had to take a cab instead of walking a few more blocks to Petronas. However, when we got there, we learned that it’s closed for renovation. The day we go to Malaysia to see Petronas was the same day they closed it until December 2011. Sucks right?

So we just went around the mall to buy some stuff and went back to the bus terminal via the train.

We got to the terminal and to our surprise, all the buses back to Singapore are full for the night.

We ate at a Kenny Roger’s restaurant in the terminal. I order my regular rice, mashed potato and coleslaw combo with the regular chicken. To me it tasted weird but in a good way. The rice was cold, the potato tasted like it came from a box and the coleslaw was a bit bitter but I thought it was still tolerable.

Kenny Roger's Malaysia

After a tragic search for bus tickets, we were able to buy tickets for tomorrow morning. We slept at a really small room at a really cheap rate we haggled for.

We woke up early the next day got on our bus, ready to go back to Singapore.

Our bus stopped somewhere so we asked what was the stop for, the driver said “lunch” or so we thought, because when we came back after a 2 minute restroom break, our bus was gone.

We panicked a bit while we went around looking for the bus’ office. We told them our bus left us with our stuff. To our surprise, the manager was mad at us saying why did we go down. We were so confused and a bit agitated.

While talking to the manager, the guy next to us seemed like he got left by our bus too. So I talked to him. His name was Gareth. He was Malaysian and he also got left by the bus.

After a long debate with the manager and his assistant, we were told that we can wait for our bus so we can get our stuff. It was taking so long and we started to feel that we might not get our stuff back. We asked for the driver’s number but he wasn’t picking up. Worried and a bit angry we decided to rest for a while and had lunch with Gareth while waiting for our bus.

Thankfully, our bus came back with our stuff, we bought new tickets and we were all able to get to Singapore in one piece.

Perhaps the best thing about getting left by the bus was we were able to meet Gareth because before we left Singapore, we had lunch with him and his girlfriend Canny. 🙂


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