Singapore Food Trip

I’ve been to Singapore 3 times already. But the 3rd time was with my friends Grace and Arnold and it was when I really got to see Singapore.

For a week, it was like we were on red bull even though we weren’t. We woke up early, well they woke me up, we went out early and we went back to our hotel late at night.

We walked miles, no, kilometers around Singapore’s tourist spots.

Other than the wonderful places we’ve been to, I’ve got a chance to eat my favorite Singapore dishes.

On our Universal Studios Trip, we first visited Raj, Grace’s friend, at his hotel to have breakfast before we leave for Universal.

We all had Kaya Toast, a side of soft-boiled eggs and hot milk tea.

Then we went to Universal via Cable Car.

We were so pumped up to try all the rides! Well, at least Grace and I were very excited!

Our first ride was the Cylon roller coaster ride which was the best ride at the park!

After going on other rides such as the Mummy indoor roller coaster and the Jurassic Park ride, we decided to eat lunch.

I had Hainanese Chicken Rice at the Universal Studios Jurassic Park Cafe.

And a side of soy pudding and soy milk.

The chicken rice was moist. The vegetable sidings was slightly sour but tasted perfectly with the chicken. 11/10!!!

Hainanese Chicken Rice, Soy Pudding Cup and Soy Milk

After a tiring but super fun day at Universal Studios Singapore, we we’re starving and went straight to Vivo City’s food court to eat up.

I had my favorite  Prata cheese.

Prata Place at Vivo City

Prata and Milk Tea @ Vivo City

I also had a hot stone beef and vegetable bowl which was damn good. (Sorry for the language, but it really was)

Hot stone

We went home still psyched from all the great rides (my favorite is the CYLON roller coaster) and my tummy was full and happy.

On a different but no less than exciting day, we had dinner at Hawker’s Singapore with Grace’s colleagues from Citibank.

I had another Prata, which wasn’t as good a the one in Vivo City but was still good nonetheless.

Prata at Hawker's Singapore

For dessert, I had my favorite Ice Kachang.

Ice Kachang

During one of our strolls at the nearby mall from our hotel, I got a chance to grab a couple of Japanese Sponge Cakes. Cute and sweet!

Japanese Sponge Cake

Strawberry and Chocolate Sponge Cakes

Our 1 week Singapore-Malaysia Trip was definitely filled with crazy experiences like getting lost, being left by the bus and Arnold losing his passport. 🙂

  1. Oh my – that dessert is so technicolour!!! Looks crazy.

    • It’s called an ice kachang. It’s like the halo-halo from the Philippines but the has different flavors.

      BTW, I like your blog! 🙂

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