Fruit Magic at Mezza Strip

Besides Thousand Teas, I also often visit Fruit Magic for some healthy fruit drinks, flavored soy milk or even a plate of pasta.

I’ve tried the beef stroganoff and the beefy tomato pasta which were both really tasty but not enough to fill my stomach.

So I tried the Roast Beef Wrap. It was awful. The roast beef was too hard. It felt like I was swallowing pieces of dried cement. The wrap was cold and difficult to bite into and the onion made my mouth smell too much. Then there’s the soy chips on the side. It was interesting but it didn’t help make the dish better at all.

Perhaps it could have been better if the wrap was freshly baked and the roast beef wasn’t difficult to eat.

My Melon Shake was fantastic though. 🙂

One thing is for sure though, it’s a healthy dish – HEALTHY, not for the hungry.

Roast Beef Wrap with a side of Soy Chips


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