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Thousand Teas at Mezza Residences.

Pesto and Jasmine Milk Tea

This is my favorite tea place because it’s just on the ground floor of our building.

Other than its convenient location, the tea and the food they serve are really good.

I usually study or just hang out there. Free wifi. You can plug in you laptop charger in their outlets but it’s really cold inside. Bring a jacket.

They have a cornucopia of teas, either hot, cold or slush, pasta, sandwiches and even crepes.

For lunch I often order pasta and cold milk tea.

Their pesto isn’t really specially but the presentation is good enough. The serving size isn’t for super hungry folks (like me) you’ll feel really bitin. However, their jasmine tea is really good. It’s refreshing and calming.

Thousand Teas' Pesto and Jasmine Milk Tea

More post from Thousand Teas soon! 🙂

To me, this place is a 10/10! :))


I was craving for good food one day. I was walking along the Mezza strip and decided to eat at Joey Pepperoni.

One word. Disappointed.

The pesto was oily, flavorless and the pasta noodle was under cooked. The bread sticks were too salty and the cheese sticks didn’t taste like cheese.


Pesto and Cheese sticks at Joey Pepperoni

A sad 5/10 for this.