Monthly Archives: June 2011

Beef Kabab at Grilled Tomato

This is my alternative for Mister Kabab. But the kabab here actually tastes a lot different.

The Chelo is more “intact”, meaning the beef is more compact.

The Garlic sauce is watery and their rice is curry flavored.

They also offer unli rice and kinds of sidings to choose from such as coleslaw or potato salad etc.

It may taste different but it’s still good and it’s cheaper too. 🙂

Grilled Tomato's Beef Chelo Kabab

This night was Andoy’s Birthday so I was with Andoy, Grace, Benok my brother and Iana.

Grace had the Keema.

Grilled Tomato's Keema

We then went to Perfect Spot (Andoy’s First Birthday Treat)

and then to Tides where Andoy slept. Hahaha

Still a great night though. 🙂