Not going to law school (Yet)

Choosing to work for *******

Staying single

Living in the moment

Taking up Muay Thai

Making the complete switch to Ubuntu (No more Windows, which was disheartening at first)

Moving in with my friend

Going on crazy adventures

Bungy jumping (I want more of it!)

Deferred taking up a Master’s in International Business in Hult – Boston


The first thing I noticed about Palawan upon arriving in Puerto Princess City is the garbage free streets. No candy wrappers, no bubblegum on the floors or random plastics or any kind of garbage anywhere. It was CLEAN. The penalties for littering really encouraged people to throw their trash properly (1st and 2nd offences are fined while the 3rd, violators get fined plus mandatory jail time – 30 days to be exact.)

I love everything about Palawan – the lush rain forests, pristine waters, fresh air, friendly locals, the local cuisine (which is FANTASTIC) and the underground river, truly a wonder!

Snorkeling, swimming, sightseeing…

Eating, exploring, enjoying…

Best family vacation (so far)!

I will definitely go back to Palawan.

So many things to do, so many things to see, never stop exploring Palawan.

At Starfish Island

Before the Underground River tour

My friend, Grace and I went on a Macau – HK trip last April 11-15. The whole trip was fun and stress-free. Transportation was accessible and easy. Although there were minor mishaps such as getting on the wrong bus, my bag’s padlock combination accidentally changed or we couldn’t find our hotel (and there’s the language barrier) but these were easily solved and we were on a lucky streak the whole trip.


What to see and do in Macau (other than gambling in casinos).

 Swim in Cheoc-Van Beach

Eat egg tarts at the first Lord Stow’s Bakery in Coloane (and at Lord Stow’s Garden Cafe)

Go to the Historical Center of Macau

Climb up the stairs of the Ruins of St. Paul

Climb up (again) to see Fortaleza do Monte and Museu de Macau

Smell the flowers at Flora de Jardin

Walk a-“round” Senado “Square” haha!

 Go inside Lou Kau’s Mansion

Experience East meets West at the Fisherman’s Wharf

Catch a glimpse of the mermaid in the Vquarium (Virtual Aquarium) at City of Dreams

Hop on a Gondola at The Venetian

Get some luck with the Wishing Crystals and Fortune Diamond at Galaxy

and when you’re done with all that…

Take a ferry to Hong Kong! (via Cotaijet or Turbojet)

As I’ve said, we had a difficult time locating our hotel because got so confused by the numerous bus routes  that we even reached the barrier gate to China!

Although the next day, we learned that our hotel was just one bus ride away from the airport. In fact, the first bus ride we took to Vila de Coloane was right!

Once we got a hang of the bus routes, travelling in Macau was a breeze. It’s easy to find a bus stop and there are loads of hotel shuttles you can hop on for free.

Our first 2 nights were spent in Hotel Pousada de Coloane at Praia de Cheoc-Van Beach, Coloane, Macau.

Cozy, comfortable and peaceful – words that best describe the hotel. It was away from all the noise and hustle. Plus, it was located right in front of the beach.

Swimming in Cheoc-Van Beach definitely gets your blood pumping since the water is FREEZING cold!

No Macau trip would be complete without visiting the first Lord Stow’s Bakery at Coloane Town Square and having some egg tarts. Lucky for us, it was only one bus stop away from our hotel (walking distance even). And then we had lunch at the Lord Stow’s Garden Cafe which was just a few steps away from the bakery.


After lunch we went around Macau, with only our map as guides as to where and which places should we see and do such as:

Walking around the Historical Center of Macau



Climbing up the stair of the Ruin’s of St. Paul

Ruin’s of St. Paul


Going up to see Fortaleza do Monte and Museu de Macau


then munching on some seafood and meatballs dipped in curry sauce after photo-ops

And at night we visited places that Macau is most famous for: Casinos (and hotels).

The Venetian, Macau

City of Dreams

etc… and etc…

For dinner, I tried this pork chop in noodle soup at Venetian’s food court. I’ve noticed pork chop seemed to be very famous in Macau because I’ve seen a lot of restaurants selling pork chop buns or pork chop this, pork chop that. Definitely the pork chop was good since it was soft but didn’t have any flavor which complimented the light but slightly spicy soup.

 The next day started out no different – breakfast and then hopping on a bus because… we were off to our hotel in Macau.


and then off we go to see more of Macau.

A quick stop at Prace de Amizade

 and then to Senado Square,
and then to Fisherman’s Wharf
and then we waited for the mermaid to come out the Vquarium in City of Dreams,
and then we hopped on a Gondola and ate great tasting burgers at The Venetian.
 The next morning, we went back to The Venetian to leave our luggage (baggage service at the Venetian is free) and bought tickets via Cotaijet since it was more convenient because of the free shuttle bus to the ferry.
(When I was walking outside our hotel, I spotted a group of (old) men playing chess or checker. I took there picture because I rarely see people playing chess outside anymore, let alone groups of men.)
We arrived in Hong Kong a bit tired from lugging around our stuff and walking around the train station to our “hotel” (hostel) and the fact that it was a tiny room in a commercial building full of people didn’t help relieve our exhaustion. But of course that didn’t stop us from going around HK.
We were only in HK for only 2 days, so we really didn’t have much time to go and visit a lot of places but it was a good thing Grace had already been to HK, she knew which places should we go.
Watch the Symphonies of Lights
Intense haggling at Tung Choi street
Take silly pictures at Avenue of the Stars 
Ride trains all day
Eat delicious Tom Yum Kung at Koon Thai Han Nam Chicken
I forgot what this bread was but it was absolutely DELICIOUS!
Saw turtles, puppies, crabs etc. the “Goldfish” Market
And lastly, Peak Tram
I don’t have much to share about my HK experience since it was quite short. I hope I can visit again soon!

I love jeepneys, buses or trains no matter how smelly, crowded, filthy or run down they may be.

What’s my favorite public utility vehicle? The jeepney of course!

Oh the Philippine Jeepney or the “Dyipni”, painted with colorful, personal or miscellaneous artwork and blasting out of its speakers is loud and obnoxious music noise as it carelessly race through the streets of Manila suddenly stopping at any moment, at any corner for passengers, it’s quite a sight.

Climbing in a jeep, squeezing your arse in the small space between complete strangers and trusting them with your fare as they pass it to the jeepney driver – it’s an experience that completely obliterates your personal space.

Then there is the danger of getting in a vehicular accident, getting robbed by someone cutting through your pants for your mobile phone (unsuccessful attempt) and high probability of getting gum on your pants and sitting next to someone sweaty, smelly and maybe insane.

Exhibit A.

My everyday jeepney to school is Cubao-Divisoria. I’ve ridden jeepneys hundreds of times and I’ve been riding on this route for a year now. After our last graduation practice, I hopped on a jeepney home. The man beside me used a really sharp blade to cut through my pocket (which also cut through my phone’s casing, yes it’s that sharp) without me even feeling a thing. He was quick and quiet. Luckily, I noticed and was able to get my phone and got home safely. Although I walked home with a big hole on my jeans. Hahaha.

So what’s there to love?


It’s easy to find a jeep to ride on in Manila. The fare is cheap and the ride is entertaining.

Well there is also the interesting stories from interesting people. The weird stories told by weird people. Basically, it’s the people you ride with that makes getting on the jeepney worth while. Hehehe

Maybe for most Filipinos, jeepney’s are more of a bane. I’d be a hypocrite if I didn’t admit that there are times that going on a jeepney during a hot summer day or  rainy day makes me cringe and want to take a taxi even though I’m going somewhere near.

But despite it’s downsides, hop on a jeepney. More often than not, you’ll go down with a story to tell. 🙂

I often go to Tomas Morato to eat. With several restaurants just next to each other, it is not hard to find a great one.

I finally decided to try this Japanese burger restaurant, Sango. I sat down in one of the booths with a collection of Naruto and One Piece manga.

Naruto and One Piece Manga Collection

I asked the waitress if it was okay to read them and of course she said yes.

I took one out and scanned a few pages only to find out that it is in Japanese.

I don’t know if she was trolling me or she thought I knew how to read Japanese or what.

Anyway, their menu consisted mostly of burgers and sandwiches and probably a few rice meals. You can choose from sumo sized burgers, regular burgers and even rice burgers. Soooooooo.. I ordered the Beef Yakiniku Rice Burger and chose a Japanese salad on the side instead of fries (yes you can choose to have fries or a salad as a side)

This reminded me of the rice burger offered by McDonald’s in the past and this other rice burger at Mercato but THIS rice burger was different. Why?

I carefully picked it up, opened the cover and in an instant the delicious beefy aroma escaped the crisp white wrapper. The smell was heavenly.

That first bite, with the beef and sticky rice swirling in my mouth was delightful.

With just sticky rice, a leaf of lettuce, japanese mayonnaise and the tastiest beef yakiniku slices I have ever tasted – that single burger ousted any other rice burger I have ever tasted.

If you get a chance to pass by Tomas Morato, don’t hesitate to try Sango’s burgers.

I’ll try a sumo burger next time 🙂

I was back reading all of my blog entries to check grammar or spelling mistakes. I was horrified to see my errors – how could I over look such errors? I edited a few simple errors but decided to keep some mistakes.

Why? Because:

– I want to keep the imperfect, raw and unedited feel of my entries.

– I feel it is unnecessary to edit or proof read everything.

– It is a simple way to see the progress of my writing skills.

Side note:

When I was in high school, I frequently wrote good (if not great) poems, stories and simple journal entries just for fun. After reading all of my posts, I came to the conclusion that my writing was better in high school. Hopefully, I can find the time to write some more to regain good writing skills.

Keeping my fingers crossed.

Keep a hold of your dreams no matter how ridiculous and far-fetched it maybe.

It keeps you young, optimistic and enthusiastic.

But don’t keep your head in the clouds for too long.

You wouldn’t want to crash down to reality faster than the speed of light.

Keep dreaming… But know when and how you’ll go back down and face reality.